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Sculpture is more divine, and more like Nature... that fashions all her works in high relief...

And that is Sculpture.

This vast ball, the Earth, was moulded out of clay, and baked in fire; Men, women, and all animals that breathe are statues...

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Michael Angelo (pt. III, 5)



Welcome to the portfolio of Madhu Jalli, who works and lives in india.

Sculpture has been a life style for this young artist even before he ever heard the word 'Art'. Madhu believes that as an art form sculpture provides the profoundest possible mirror to human life and its many facets - Forging moments of reality in their entirety, as a sculptor he always wishes to give his viewers unique opportunities to take a step back and admire the sheer beauty of the various subjects he passionately pursues.

His work won him a good deal of acclaim already. His undergraduate work was sold for a record price and currently on the permanent collection of the prestigious Indian School of Business campus.


Madhu's respect for figurative art brought him to the Academy of Art in San Francisco where he is currently studying for his MFA.

Like in the olden days he practices his art with a solid foundation in drawing and anatomy, working endless nights and days with ambitions as tall as his beloved Lady of the Liberty. Madhu's interests include monumental sculpture and his skills include work that can be erected as big as up to 20 feet high. He loves to work projects that involve tribute, inspiration, education, enlightenment and sheer visual splendor.

His expertise in carving portraits out of live sitting sessions won him the appreciation of his teachers and peers at the Academy.


This year, Madhu has been one of the nationally recognized student sculptors and the San Francisco foundation given him the 2006 Murphy & Cadogan Fellowships in the Fine Arts

His other awards include Governor's Gold Medal for Outstanding Achievement in India. University of Andhra Pradesh gave him the Potti Sriramulu Award.

Please visit the gallery section to see his current work.